How To Add Checkboxes In Google Sheets

How To Add Checkboxes In Google Sheets

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Google sheets has a lot of cool features, one of those features is the ability to add checkable checkboxes. I’m not going to get into why you might want to insert checkboxes in Google sheets today.

But if you do want to insert checkboxes in Google sheets, you’re in the right place because that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do.

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How To Insert Checkboxes In Google Sheets

To insert a checkbox in Google sheets, you’ll first need to select the cell you want to insert the checkbox into.

If you just want to insert a single checkbox in a single cell, you can just click on the one cell. Or, if you want to insert multiple checkboxes going down one column to create a checklist or something like that, you can click on the top cell and drag down to select all the cells you want to insert a checkbox into.

how to insert checkboxes in google sheets

Now, to insert a checkbox in all of the selected cells, just click “Insert” in the menu across the top of the screen…

how to add a checkbox in google sheets

And then, in the menu that appears, click “Checkbox”.

how to add check boxes in google sheets

Now, a checkbox will be inserted into each of the selected cells!

how to insert a checkbox in google sheets

Now that the checkboxes are inserted, you might want to make the column they’re in a bit smaller as the checkboxes aren’t very big. Obviously, you won’t be able to do this if you have other text in different cells in the same column, but if this column only has checkboxes in it, it might be a good idea.

To do this, just double click on the line to the right of the column that the checkboxes are in at the top of the spreadsheet. So if the checkboxes were in column A, you would need to double click on the line between A and B.

how to create a checkbox in google sheets

Then, the column will be automatically shrunk down so that it’s exactly the right size for the checkboxes.

how to create checkbox in google sheets

Now, you might want to type some information next to each checkbox so you know what the checkbox means:

how to add tick boxes in google sheets

But once you’re done with that, that’s really all there is to do.

How To Check The Checkboxes

Now that you’ve inserted the checkboxes, all that’s left to do is check them. And this is the easy part, to check a check box, all you have to do is click on the one you want to check, and a check mark will appear in the box!

how to create a checklist in google sheets

And then, if you want to uncheck a box, all you need to do is click on it again to uncheck it.

how to add a check box in google sheets

You can also type in the text field if you prefer. If you click on the cell the checkbox is in, and type FALSE in all caps in the text field, the box will be unchecked.

how to add checklist in google sheets

Or, if you type TRUE in the text field in all caps, the box will be checked.

how to create checklist in google sheets

Obviously, this is more effort than just clicking on the box to check and uncheck it, but if you ever wanted to set up some sort of complex equation involving the checkboxes, this might be helpful.

And, that’s all there is to it! Now you know everything there is to know about inserting checkboxes in Google Sheets!

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