How To Change The Page Color In Google Docs

How To Change The Page Color In Google Docs

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If you want to jazz up your Google Doc by changing the page color, it’s actually quite easy to do. And in this article, I’m going to show you how it’s done.

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How To Change The Page Color In Google Docs

When you’re in your Google Doc, all you need to do to change the page color is click on “File” in the top menu…

how to change page color in google docs

And then, in the drop-down menu that appears, select “Page setup”.

how to change background color on google docs

(You may have to scroll down the menu if you have a small screen).

Now, in this box that appears, you’ll just need to click on the drop-down menu below “Page color”…

how to change the background color on google docs

And choose you’re new page color!

how to change google doc background color

If you have specific branding colors you want to use, or you just want to use a custom color for any other reason, you can click the plus icon at the top of this box to choose an exact color…

how to change paper color in google docs

But there are plenty of default colors to choose from, so I wouldn’t bother with a custom color unless you’re doing this for work and want it to match your company’s branding or something like that.

You might want to be a bit strategic in choosing your new background color because some colors will certainly work better than others. If you chose a color that’s too intense or too dark, it can make the text a bit hard to read.

But you can always come back and change the color again if it’s not quite right, so there’s no harm in trying a few different colors and seeing which one works.

But regardless of which color you chose (whether it’s custom or a preset), once you’ve chosen your color, you’ll just need to click the “OK” button in the bottom right hand corner to save your new background color.

how to add background color in google docs

Now, every page in your document will have your new background color!

how to change the background color of a google doc

I’ve chosen a fairly light yellow color for mine, so the text is quite easy to read and I think it looks pretty good. But if the color you chose isn’t quite working as well as you’d hoped, or it’s making the text a bit hard to read, you can always go back a try something a bit different.

Alternatively, if you’ve chosen a fairly dark page color that’s making the text a bit hard to read, but you want to keep the page that color, you could make all the text a lighter color instead.

So if you want to have your page color be something like this very dark orangy brown:

how to change background color google docs

You could highlight all the text and click on the “A” button with the black bar below it to change the text color…

how to change color of page in google docs

And choose something like white or a different very light color.

how to change google docs background color

Now, the text will be very readable despite the dark page color.

how to change background color of google doc

And that’s all there is to it! Now you’ve changed the color of your page in Google Docs! And hopefully, you’ve found a good page/text color combination that makes the text easy to read while looking really good!

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