How To Move The Taskbar On A Chromebook

how to move taskbar on chromebook

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By default on a Chromebook, the taskbar (technically known as the bookshelf in Chrome OS), shows across the bottom of the screen. And this is fine, but if you’d prefer to move it to the left or right side of the screen instead, that’s actually quite easy to do. And today, I’m going to show you how it’s done.

Prefer to watch a video about how to move the taskbar on a Chromebook? Click here.

How To Move The Taskbar On A Chromebook

To move the taskbar/bookshelf on your Chromebook, all you need to do is right click anywhere on the taskbar as long as it’s the plain grey part of the taskbar (don’t click on any of the icons).

how to move the taskbar on a chromebook

Now, a menu will appear, and in that menu, you’ll just need to hover the mouse over the option that says “Shelf position”.

chromebook taskbar

Now another menu will appear next to the first menu, and in this menu, you’ll be able to choose to position the taskbar/bookshelf on the Left, Bottom, or Right side of the screen.

So, if you want the taskbar to show on the left hand side of the screen, you’ll just need to click the “Left” option in this menu…

chromebook taskbar settings

And the taskbar will move to the left hand side of the screen!

taskbar chromebook

Or, if you want it to show on the right hand side of the screen, just right click on the taskbar again, but this time, click on the “Right” option.

chromebook move taskbar

Now, the taskbar/bookshelf will be on the right hand side of the screen!

move taskbar on chromebook

And finally, if you decide you want to move the bookshelf/taskbar back to the bottom of the screen, simply right click on it again, and this time, select the “Bottom” option.

chrome os taskbar

And it will move back to the bottom!

taskbar on chromebook

So that’s all there is to it! Now you know how to move the taskbar on a Chromebook to any side of the screen you want! Personally, I prefer to have the bookshelf across the bottom of the screen, but if you prefer to have it on the sides, you now know how it’s done!

But, if you’re thinking, “well that’s all well and good but how can I right click when I don’t have a right click button”, don’t worry, it’s actually quite easy to right click on a Chromebook’s trackpad, and I show you how it’s done here.

And, if you want to learn how to add apps you use all the time to the taskbar/bookshelf of your Chromebook, and perhaps remove some of the apps you rarely use, I show you how to do that right here.

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