How To Open RAR Files On A Chromebook

how to open rar files on chromebook

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RAR files are a type of file similar to zip files that can store multiple files inside them. They’re quite handy for uploading, downloading, and sending multiple files to different places.

But all that aside, if you have a RAR file on your Chromebook, you’ll probably need to know how to open it and get the files out of it. So in this article, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do.

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How To Open A RAR File On A Chromebook

Fortunately, the process for opening a RAR file on a Chromebook is quite simple. The first thing you’ll need to do is obviously find your RAR file in the Files app.

how to open rar files on chromebook

And now, if you double click on it, it will open up and you’ll be able to see all the files inside it.

how to extract rar files on chromebook

But, as you’ll probably notice, all the files will still be inside the RAR file and you won’t be able to do anything with them.

So, you’ll need to move them out of the RAR file and into a different folder on your Chromebook, and then you’ll be able to do anything you want with them (eg: rename them, edit them, send them to people).

To do this, you’ll need to select them all by single-clicking on the file at the top of the list, holding down the shift key on your keyboard, and then single-clicking the file at the bottom of the list.

(Obviously, if there’s only one file in the RAR file, you can just select it by single-clicking on it.)

how to open a rar file on chromebook

Now that all the files in the RAR file are selected, you’ll just need to click on any of the selected files and drag them into a different location on your Chromebook.

It doesn’t really matter where you drag the files to, it could be your Downloads folder, or somewhere in your Google Drive, or anywhere else as long as it’s out of the RAR file.

For example purposes, I’ve just dragged them all into the downloads folder which also happens to be where my RAR file is.

rar chromebook

And now, the files are out of the RAR file and ready for you to do whatever you want with them! So that’s all you have to do!

Deleting The RAR File

This next part is entirely optional, but now that the files are copied out of the RAR file, you can delete the RAR file if you want.

To do this, single-click on the RAR file so that it’s selected.

rar files chromebook

And then, click on the trash icon in the top right-hand corner.

rar extractor chromebook

And a warning message will pop up asking you if you’re sure you want to permanently delete the RAR file.

This is nothing to worry about because assuming you followed all the steps in this article, all the files that were in the RAR file should now be safely stored outside it so they won’t get deleted by you doing this. So go ahead and click “Delete”.

chromebook rar extractor

And that’s all there is to it, now you have all your files outside the RAR file, and you’ve deleted the RAR file!

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4 thoughts on “How To Open RAR Files On A Chromebook”

  1. This is the most well-written how-to tech article I’ve read in decades. (And I’m a professional, published author.) Bravo… and thank you.

    1. I’ve never actually tried to open a multi-part rar file before, but after some quick googling, it sounds as though Chrome OS doesn’t really support multi-part RAR files.

      If you install an app called “RAR” from the Google Play store, that app can apparently open multi-part rar files, but I haven’t been able to test it because I don’t have a multi-part rar file to open.

      But if you give that a try, hopefully, it will work.

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