How to Search a Specific Site With Google Search

How to Search a Specific Site With Google Search

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Google is a very powerful search engine for searching the web.

But you may not always want to search the entire web, you might just want to search a specific website (like

Of course, you could always go to that website and use the search function there, but search functions on a lot of websites can often be quite bad and that’s if they even have one at all.

Fortunately, with this easy process, you can use Google’s powerful search engine to search any website you want.

Prefer to watch a video instead?  Click here to watch the video version of how to search a specific site with Google Search.

Step 1

Open up a web browser and go to (obviously).

Go to

Step 2

In the search bar type whatever you want to search

For example, if you wanted to search for Google Home on, you would type google home

Type in the Search Box

Step 3

Press enter, and it should only bring up results from that specific website!

Press Enter

You can now use this technique to search any specific website using Google Search!


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