How To Sign A Google Doc

How To Sign a Google Doc

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There are many different reasons why you might need to sign a document, but the hassle of having to print it out, sign it and then scan it back into your computer again can be really frustrating. But there is actually a really quick and easy way to sign a document using Google Docs.

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First of all, your document will need to be a Google Doc, if yours already is you can skip this part.  If your document is a Microsoft Word or a PDF document, you will need to convert it into a Google Doc by following these simple steps below.

Step 1.

Upload your document to Google Drive by going to, clicking on the “New” button in the top right corner, Clicking on “File Upload” and selecting your document.

how to add signature in google docs


Step 2.

Once your file is on Google Drive, double click on it to open a preview of it, click on the drop-down arrow at the top of the screen, and select “Google Docs” in the drop-down menu.

how to add a signature in google docs

Your document should now be converted into a Google Doc and ready to sign.

How To Add a Signature In Google Docs

To insert your signature into Google Docs, put your cursor where you want your signature to go, click on “insert” in the top left corner, hover your mouse over “drawing” and select “new“.

how to insert signature in google docs

In the box that appears, click on the drop-down arrow next to the “line” icon and select “Scribble” at the bottom of the menu.

how to sign a document in google docs

Now you can sign your name by clicking and dragging to form your signature, it may take you a few goes to get it right but you can always click the undo button in the top left-hand corner if you need to try again.

Once you’ve got it right, just click “Save and Close” in the top right-hand corner and your signature will be entered into the document.

how to insert a signature in google docs

If you need to change the size of your signature, you can do so by clicking on your signature so it’s selected and then clicking and dragging from any of the four corners to make it bigger or smaller.

how to add signature to google doc

Your document will now be signed and ready to send wherever it needs to go, if you want to send your document as a Google Doc, check out this article about how to email a Google Doc, but if you’d prefer to save your document as a different file format, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1.

In your Google Doc, click on “file” in the top left-hand corner and hover your mouse over “Download” you will then be able to choose the file format you want to download it as, Microsoft Word or PDF will probably be the best options for this scenario.

how to add signature on google docs

Step 2.

Once you select the file format you want, the document will be downloaded to your computer in whichever format you chose and be ready to do whatever you want with.

So there you have it, a very quick and easy way to sign a document in Google Docs without having to print it out and scan it back in again.

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