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stickey notes for chromebook

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If you’re familiar with Windows or Mac OS, you’re probably used to their built in sticky note apps that allow you to effortlessly create digital sticky notes whenever you want.

And unfortunately, Chrome OS doesn’t actually have anything like that built in. But, there is actually a very good solution available for free on the Chrome Web Store. So you can create sticky notes on your Chromebook until your heart’s content.

So in this article, I’m going to show you how to install that Chrome app and walk you through all the different features and settings.

Prefer to watch a video about how to use sticky notes on a Chromebook? Click here.

How To Install Sticky Notes On Your Chromebook

To install the sticky notes app on your Chromebook, all you need to do is click here to view the app on the Chrome web store and then click the “Add to Chrome” button to install it.

chromebook sticky notes

Then, a message will pop up on the screen asking if you want to add the app, and you’ll need to click “Add app” to proceed.

sticky notes chrome

Now, after a few seconds of installing, the app will be installed, and you’ll receive a notification letting you know it’s been successfully installed.

post it notes chromebook

How To Use The Sticky Notes App On Your Chromebook

Once the sticky notes app is installed on your Chromebook, you’ll need to go into the app launcher to open it and begin using it. To do this, click on the circle icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen…

sticky notes chrome extension

Then, click on the up arrow to open the app launcher.

sticky notes chromebook

Now, you will be in the app launcher which is where you’ll find all your apps, you’ll probably have to scroll down to the second or third page of the app launcher to find the sticky notes app. But once you find it, it will look something like this:

google chrome sticky notes

So now, if you click on the app to open it up, you’ll see this window appear:

sticky notes on chromebook

This is where you’ll see all your sticky notes after you create some, and it’s also where you’ll be able to access all the settings.

If you don’t like this window, and you just want to have all your sticky notes appear on the screen every time you open the app, you can disable the window, but you’ll need to create a sticky note first so I’ll show you how to disable it a bit later.

How To Create A Note

Now that you’ve got the sticky notes app open, to create your first note, you’ll just need to click the plus button in the bottom left hand corner.

chrome extension sticky notes

And now, you’ll have your very first sticky note!

sticky notes google extension

Now that you have your note, you can (obviously) type things in it.

sticky notes extension for chrome

And you also have a whole lot of customization options. If you click on the yellow circle…

sticky notes app for chromebook

You’ll be able to change the color of the note to a range of different colors.

sticky notes extension chrome

If you highlight your text, and click on the “f”…

chrome post it notes

You’ll get a whole lot of format options like font, size, bold, etc.

sticky notes google chrome extension

And, if you click on the “M”…

sticky notes download chrome

You will get a few more different options!

stickies for chromebook

In my opinion, the two most useful features in this menu are the microphone button which allows you to use voice to text to quickly write a note.

And, the circle button next to it. This one is really good, when you click it, that note will always stay visible above any other window.

So if you open up Google Chrome and do some web browsing, or you open any other app, this sticky note will stay on top of all those windows so that you can always see it!

You don’t want to overdo this because if you have a few notes set to stay above all other windows it will start to become rather cluttered and frustrating, but using it for one note every now and then can be very useful!

Then, when you’re done with this feature, you can go back and click on the green circle button to disable it if you no longer want this note to show above all other windows.

chrome web store sticky notes

How To Create Your Second Note

Now that you have your first sticky note, if you want to create a second note, you can do that by either clicking on the plus icon in the top left hand corner of the existing note.

post it notes for chromebook

Or, by clicking on the same old plus button on the other window that you used to create the first note.

sticky notes for chrome browser

And now you will have two notes.

sticky notes on google chrome

How To Close And Delete The Notes

Now that you have multiple sticky notes, you can close and or delete them as you wish. If you click on the cross icon in the top right hand corner of the note…

sticky notes on chrome

It will close it so it’s no longer cluttering up your screen.

sticky note app for chromebook

But, the note will still be saved on your Chromebook and it will still show up in the main window. And, if you click on the arrow button next to the note, it will open up again.

post it note chrome extension

This is great if you just want to get the note out of the way for now, but you still want to be able to open it again in the future.

But if you want to completely delete the note so that it no longer exists, you’ll need to click the trash can icon in the top menu…

how to use sticky notes on a chromebook

And then, just to be safe, a remove button will appear on the screen, and you’ll have to click “Remove” to confirm that you definitely want to permanently delete the note.

chromebook sticky notes app

How To Use The Main Launcher Window

So now that you know all about creating, editing, and deleting sticky notes, let’s talk a bit about the launcher window.

By default, if you close the sticky notes app completely, and then open it again, it will just open the launcher.

chrome os sticky notes app

And then, from there, you will see all your notes in a list and you can open one of them if you want by clicking on the arrow button next to it as I demonstrated earlier.

chrome os sticky notes

Or, if you want to quickly open all your notes, you can do that by simply clicking “Open all notes…”.

post it notes for chrome os

And now all your notes will be open.

sticky notes for chrome os

Now, whether you’ve opened all or some of your notes, you can close the launcher window if you want by clicking the cross icon in the top right hand corner just like any other window.

sticky notes chrome os

And all your open notes will still remain open, and you’ll still be able to add new notes, delete notes, and close notes just like normal. But the only way to get back to the launcher will be to close all the notes and then open the sticky notes app again.

How To Disable The Launcher Window

By now, you should probably have a fairly good idea of how the app works and how you’re going to use it.

So, if you’ve now decided that you never want to use the launcher at all and you just want to jump straight to your notes, all you have to do is tick the box on the launcher that says “Don’t show this panel again, just open all notes”.

sticky notes app for chrome os

And then close the launcher window.

post it notes app for chrome os

And then, whenever you open the sticky notes app from that point on, it will just open up all of your notes, and you will never see the launcher.

This can be quite convenient if you only ever plan to have one or two notes as you won’t have to deal with the launcher. But if you have a lot of sticky notes, it can get a bit annoying because you will have to open all of them every time you just want to view one of them.

And that’s all there is to it! Now you know how to install and use sticky notes on your Chromebook, and the ins and outs of how it all works.

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