How To Connect A USB Microphone To Your Chromebook

how to use a usb microphone with a chromebook

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Video Description

Prefer to read an article about how to connect a USB microphone to a Chromebook? Click here.

In this video, Timmy shows you how to connect a USB microphone to your Chromebook, and get it all set up and configured ready to use. This can be a great way to improve the audio quality on your Chromebook.

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In the video, Timmy’s using a Blue Snowball ICE USB microphone. It’s not the absolute highest audio quality, but it’s a good entry level microphone, and it definitely works with Chromebooks. But if you have a different microphone, that’s totally fine as well, most of them are compatible with Chrome OS, and will connect in just the same way.

Depending on your Chromebook, you might also need a USB-C to USB A adapter. Once again, you don’t necessarily need to get this one, anything similar will work just fine.

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