How To Restore Everything On Your Chromebook After Powerwashing

How To Restore Everything On A Chromebook After Powerwashing

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Video Description

In this video, Timmy shows you how to restore everything on your Chromebook after you powerwash (factory reset) it.

In two other videos, Timmy shows you how to back up all of your files before powerwashing, and then how to actually powerwash your Chromebook. But in this video, Timmy shows you how to restore everything you backed up.

So whether you’ve just powerwashed your Chromebook, and now you want to restore everything on it, or you want to restore all your backed up data on a different Chromebook because you’re getting a new Chromebook, this is how it’s done.

During the video, Timmy mentions several other videos you might find helpful, so here are the links to them:

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