How To Check Word Count On Google Docs

How To Check Word Count On Google Docs

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You wouldn’t be a Tech Time With Timmy Fan if you didn’t know about Google Docs! It’s a really cool, free, online word processing service that Timmy talks about and uses all the time. Basically, it’s just like Microsoft Word but made by Google and free and online, which makes it super easy to use to share docs with other users, great for collaborative projects.

Hopefully, you already know all about Google Docs and use it all the time, but there may be some features that you don’t know about – Timmy is here to help! One of the questions Timmy often gets asked is “how to get a word count on google docs?”

We’ve all been there, the assignment is due tomorrow, it needs to be at least 2000 words – have you made it yet? It’s very easy these days to access a word counter tool for free online, and that’s probably what you would do if you don’t know about this cool google docs keyboard shortcut.

There’s no need to copy and paste your document into a word counter, just let google docs check the word count for you!

Prefer to watch a video instead?  Click here to watch the video version of how to check word count on google docs.

How To Check The Word Count On A Google Doc

So, what’s the secret keyboard shortcut?

Control, Shift, C

Google Docs Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+C

This handy little google docs keyboard shortcut will bring up a little window like this:

How to Count The Characters in a Google Doc

As you can see this command calls up not only a word count but a character count and page count too, so you’ll know if you’ve finished your assignment or not!

This nifty little keyboard shortcut works on Windows, Linux or Chrome OS, while on a Mac you’ll need to use Command, Shift, C.   

Want to know the word count of a certain section of your document? Maybe just checking the length of a paragraph or two? No problem! Simply highlight the area/paragraph/page you want to find the word count on, then, use the same keyboard shortcut – Control, Shift, C and Google Docs will give you the word count of the area you’ve highlighted. Pretty handy, right?

If you want to see a video of just how easy this is to do, check out Timmy’s video How To Easily Count The Words And Characters In A Google Document.

So, there you have it. Stop wasting time copying and pasting your documents into word counter tools, let Google Docs do the word counting for you!

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